Home Owner Association Management

Pulliam Investment Company is a professional management company which offers services to various types of Associations such as Condominiums, Single Family homes, Town homes, Live-Work and many mixed use Communities.

Our services allow us to take over the responsibility of the Association and be the liaison between the Associations members and its acting Board of Directors.

Property Management

  • Landscaping, Amenities, and Common Areas
  • Solicit bids for special programs / contract services and implement completion programs
  • Make arrangements for maintenance activities as shall be deemed necessary by the Board of Directors
  • Deed Restriction Enforcement
  • Visit property as necessary
  • Receive, advise and process work order requests by Homeowners
  • Respond to homeowner and external inquiries during normal business hours via telephone, mail, and/or email
  • Respond to emergency requests
  • Administrative Services

Preparation of monthly financial statements, including:

  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement
  • Detailed Check Register
  • Delinquent Accounts Receivable
  • Assist in opening and maintaining bank accounts
  • Perform ongoing budget analysis and monitor cost trends
  • Prepare and submit to the Board, a proposed annual budget and assist in the preparation of the final budget

Dues and Assessments

  • Maintain account ledgers and history for each homeowner
  • Generate and mail out the correspondence necessary to bring accounts up to date
  • Taxes and Audits
  • Review and maintain copies of annual financial statements
  • Prepare and file annual income taxes, or, at the Association's request

Meetings and Proxies

  • Attend all scheduled meetings of the Board of Directors or Homeowners
  • Conduct the Annual Meeting of the Association
  • Prepare, send, and inventory proxies and votes as directed by the Board of Directors
  • Review and assisting with the placement of insurance
  • Research property improvement programs for discussion with property owners and/or Board of Directors

Record Keeping

  • Perform administrative record keeping
  • Maintain communication and correspondence with property owners

Legal Filings

  • Prepare and file on behalf of the Association all legal reports
  • Secure all necessary permits for operation of association facilities


  • Assist the Board of Directors in dealing with the Homeowner's affairs and provide input
  • Advise Board of Directors regarding Board Meetings and Member Meetings including notice preparation and mailing, agenda development, and meeting guidance
  • Act as agent for the Board of Directors in carrying out each program it deems necessary
  • On behalf of the Association, and at their direction, attempt to secure compliance with the Association's Rules and Regulations by all owners, guests and lessees

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